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Sample image of completed property
Sample image of completed property
Sample image of completed property

Here is the temple that St. Maximus Orthodox Church desires to build with God's help, a temple traditionally designed to serve as a house of prayer, a place set apart for the worship of the living God. To our knowledge, this will be the first temple built in honor of St. Maximus anywhere in the Americas.

The parish voted on July 26, 2022 to go ahead with this builiding.

Our architect, Andrew Gould, of Charleston, SC, has our church plans and others on his new website:


  • Archbishop Dmitri Royster graduated from North Texas State Teachers College (now UNT) and inspired and blessed the planting of our mission.
  • 22 years in Denton with continuous organic growth.
  • Multiple remodels and additions increased usable space; expansion options exhausted. 
    • Historical Landmark Committee approved building in front Dec 2022
  • City of Denton approved the site plan Aug 2023

Expected Benefits

  • Provides a long-lasting, solid, masonry structure.
  • Creates necessary space for current membership and future growth.
  • Increases clergy to support the calculated 266+ optimal occupancy.
  • Opens existing building to accommodate coffee hour potluck and other Parish events.
  • Upgrades playground and picnic area.
A Prayer for the Construction of a New Temple
O Lord Jesus Christ our God, Cornerstone of Thy holy Church, Giver of every good gift, the One who first loved us, look down upon us Thy people who desire to build a temple unto Thy glory in memory of Thy saint Maximus and grant us the wisdom, strength, and resources to accomplish this task in accordance with Thy will. Remember the friends and benefactors of this parish who support the construction of this holy temple and bless them with Thy good things. And as Thou didst proclaim that even if Thy disciples were silent, the very stones would cry out, so also grant that this holy temple may proclaim Thee and draw all who dwell in this city and county to worship Thee in spirit and in truth. Inflame our hearts with love for Thee that we may offer to Thee ourselves and all Thou hast given us to the glory of Thy holy Name. For Thou art the true Philanthropist—the Lover of Mankind—and to Thee we send up glory, together with Thine eternal Father, and Thy most holy, good, and life-creating Spirit, always, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Hall Construction
New Hall June 8, 2012
New Hall June 8, 2012
New Hall June 8, 2012
Inside New Hall June 8, 2012
Inside New Hall June 8, 2012
Inside New Hall June 8, 2012
West Side, June 8
West Side, June 8
West Side, June 8
Church Building News

October 2019
The Historic Landmark Commission issued a Certificate of Appropriateness for our newest church designs.

21 July 2012
Moving very slowly, but the heating and air-conditioning rough-in is done, electrical rough-in beginning. The repair and painting of the outside of our existing building is nearly finished.

8 June 2012

Most of the framing of the new hall is completed.
March 2012
Foundation work begins but is slowed due to rain. Driveway is widened, wheelchair ramp is added.
February 22, 2012
We broke ground for the foundation two weeks ago, and then rains brought work to a halt. If the clear weather holds, we'll have a foundation by the middle of next week.

15 March 2011
The Historical Landmarks Committee approved our plans for a 1000 square-foot addition to the west end of our building to give us hall space so we don't have to use the church for eating, etc., and to give us adequate non-church space to grow in until we fill our present sanctuary and can support building a new temple. We await approval of construction permits and full funding so we can proceed with construction.

26 September 2010
At the annual meeting, the parish decided to build a more modest church behind our existing building. We are now working on a design. Also we are developing plans for an addition to our existing building.

13 June 2010
A new building and strategic planning committee has its first meeting to begin moving our project forward.

19 June 2009
Our new permanent altar table to be consecrated with the new church, is used for the first time after being delivered earlier in the week. It was crafted by Fr. Michael Storozuk of St. Paul's Orthodox Church in Denison, TX.

2 November 2008
Update: The parish council determines that we need 1. to clarify with the city what we can do on our present property, 2. find out who purchased the property down the street and whether he would consider sellling to us now or in the future, and 3. look for other property in Denton. We should prefer to stay in our present neighborhood, God willing.

30 October 2008 Martyrs Zenobius & Zenobia
Update: Following our annual meeting October 5, we are looking for other sites where we may build. Internal matters slowing things down are resolved. May God guide us to the right place and provide for its acquisition!

11 September 2008 Ven. Theodora of Alexandria

Update: Our neighborhood becoming a historical district may keep us from building on our current property. We have not succeeded in acquiring a larger lot down the street. A few other internal matters are slowing this project for the moment. God will direct us in how to move forward in His will as we wait on Him. Until we know where we will build, we cannot complete the construction drawings. Pray that God will guide us to the proper location at the proper time.

8 April 2008 Apostles of the 70 Herodion, Agabus, Asyncritus, Plegon, and Hermes
First stage plans and watercolors completed.

25 November 2007 St. Clement of Rome
New drawings received from Andrew Gould.

3 October 2007 St. Dionysius the Areopagite
New drawings received from Andrew detail the interior.

20 August 2007 Prophet Samuel
After a phone conference with the architect, we decided to keep developing the preliminary concept with a few modifications.

6 August 2007 Holy Transfiguration
Preliminary drawings of the proposed church arrive and are available for viewing and comment.

5 July 2007
We hired Orthodox architect Andrew Gould to design a traditional church building for us to be built in traditional fashion of solid masonry with real plaster. See his website:

January 2007
We formed a design committee, began drawing concepts, and had a couple of professional people do a few drawings for us.

November 2006
After his pastoral visit, His Eminence Archbishop Dmitri wrote us a letter urging us to begin working seriously towards construction of a proper church.

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St. Maximus the Confessor Orthodox Church is part of the Diocese of the South, which is presided over by The Right Reverend Alexander, Bishop of Dallas, the South and the Bulgarian Diocese. Our mission is bringing the joy of Christ's resurrection to those who have never heard the Good News, and to strengthen and encourage the faithful who reside within Denton and the local area. 

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